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Buyer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers Buyer

How can I contact a Seller?

Contacting a seller is super easy!

Just click on the “Send Message” button to send a msg or click on phone no. to call the seller. (if seller added a contact number you will see it in the profile section of the advertisement)


Points to remember while checking a product?

As a buyer it is important to verify your product before making a purchase!

Things to remember: -

1. Product inspection: Physically examine the product. Check for any damage or defects.

2. Working condition: For any gadgets, switch on to see they’re functional.

3. Product Age: Cross check the age of the product by asking for the original bill/receipt from the seller.

4. Proofs: Insist on warranty card, receipt, box or slips.

5. Ad relevance: Ensure that the product matches the description of the Ad.

6. Fake products: Beware of any replica products i.e such as clone, first copy.

7. Accessories: Remember to ask for all related accessories from the seller.


Can I pay advance to seller?

We would strongly recommend not to pay in advance. If you must pay something to have the seller hold the product for you, ensure it is a small & insignificant amount.

Advance payment is the most common technique adopted by fraud sellers to trick buyers and pursue them to make upfront payments for goods, services, etc.

Advance payment frauds – What you must watch for!

· Too good to be true and irresistible offers

· Token money demands without meeting in person/physically checking the product

· Posing as people from trustworthy & noble professions like Army Personnel, CISF, BSF, Doctors, NGOs, Public services, etc.

· Showcase of absolute urgency to sell the item or an emotional appeal. family member is sick and urgent need of money for operation, payment of school fees, etc.

· Job guarantee offers and employment schemes requesting an advance fee to secure the job or obtain the materials to perform the job or involving money transfer.

· Advance fees to cover any processing charges, pay duty, taxes, courier fees, shipment and conversion charges, etc.


Where should I meet the seller?

It is important that you meet the seller at a safe place. A few basics to follow so that you deal safely and hassle-free:

Public Places: Meet the seller at secure & public location such as Malls, Offices, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops, etc. where there are enough people around. Do not travel to far-away places or meet at isolated places / localities that you are not aware of.

Switching Places: Beware of a seller who changes location(s) and asks you to reach a different destination than already decided.

Have company: Also, try to have someone accompany you 😊 to close the deal!

How can I find Ads that I have seen before?

Seen something interesting? If you’re busy you can get back to it, at your convenience.

You can Save an Ad & view it later.  You will see a ribbon icon just right bottom of each add in the listing page and bottom center in the Ad details page.

Just click on it and the ad will be saved in your profile.

Note: you need to sign up or login and first to do this.